Windows Vista SP1 update

A flurry of emails this afternoon confirms that Windows Vista Service Pack 1 has been released (or at least RTM'd - which means Released To Manufacturing). What that means is that the developers and testers have finished their job, and the product now hits the production lines to get it to customers. This is significant for UK universities, because you can now plan on real dates for Windows Vista deployments - and dates that coincide with the disappearance of students!

The timeline is that it will be released to Windows Update in mid-March, for those of you who check there for updates, and in mid-April, it will automatically make its appearance on those computers which have 'automatic updates' enabled.

Loads more details on the Windows Vista team blog.

Interesting factoid from this 'one year on' article: According to the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report in October, from January – June 2007, there were 60% fewer malware infections and 2.8 times less potentially unwanted software on Windows Vista PCs than on Windows XP SP2 PCs. And that's before SP1.

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