Ultimate Steal Update – PayPal


There are some new changes to the the Ultimate Steal website (Office 2007 Ultimate for students, for £38.95, only available online). One of the most significant is that we now accept PayPal (and since we switched that on, it appears to be a popular method).

When students buy their new laptops, before they arrive at university, they normally do it with Dad's credit card (in what one parent described to me as "the last big present" - they wish!). Once they reach uni, they are then on their own. We see that pattern too - we got a little peak of credit card orders when students went home for Christmas ("the last little present"?), but now they are back, and making their loan cheques last, it appears that PayPal is more popular.

Another reason to tell your students about the Ultimate Steal

Comments (5)

  1. Andy says:

    Yes, it’s a great deal, but when will Office 2008 be available for the ultimate steal?

  2. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Andy,

    I’ve just had the word down from the team, and unfortunately it won’t be available on the Ultimate Steal offer. Sorry.

    The current going rate for the Office 2008 for Mac "Home & Student" version appears to be just below £90 online… I know the deal isn’t as good, but it’s the best I can offer


  3. drake says:

    is the ultimate steal version compatible with macs?

  4. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Drake,

    Only if you’re running Windows on your Mac – eg via Bootcamp. Otherwise you need the Offcie 2008 for Mac version.


  5. Dan says:

    If you want Office 2008 for the mac, you can get it for £35 from http://www.software4students.co.uk/Microsoft_Office_Software-list.aspx (:

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