Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM 4.0 launch

I've noticed how the use of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems have been growing rapidly in education. I have traditionally thought about "students" rather than "customers", but student expectations have been rising so rapidly, since the introduction of tuition fees, that there is a growing need to manage the customer relationship with potential and current students. Sophisticated customer management techniques are vital to support the continuing development of your business revenues. And effectively managing potential students who are already in touch with you is less expensive than going looking for new ones.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM system version 4, is being launched on 31st January, at our main offices in Reading, with a follow up launch at The Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh on 26th February. The event will give you a chance to see how the CRM system is developing, and an opportunity to hear a customer talking about how it is being used within their business. (I notice the General Manager for Dynamics CRM worldwide will be there, so a chance to ask some deep questions about our strategy too!).

Use these links to find out more about the event, and register to attend, in London on 31st January or Edinburgh on 26th February.

A customer case study within education

You may also be interested in reading about how one of our customers is using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The case study is just over a year old, and examines the issues that the DfES wanted to tackle when they implemented a pilot CRM system in their Corporate Services and Development Directorate. You can read more about it on our worldwide Case Studies website

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