Engaging a student community via the web

Sounds easy but what's it like in your university?  Students have so many web sites to visit  both in and out of the university so how can you engage them in your university where you really need their support.  One example I have seen is where Coventry University wanted to streamline its student voting system from a traditional paper-based system using web technology.  Coventry had two distinct business needs:

  1. Streamline the student voting system
  2. Engage students in and online collaborative community

Coventry University When two business needs are presented like that and you know even a fraction of Microsoft's portfolio you can guess what the answer is going to be.  SharePoint.

During the summer of 2007, when it was raining everywhere, Peter Yeadon (Coventry's director of the Customer Relationship Management and Portal Development Programme) started work with Artemis.  The timescale was really quite tight but working together Coventry and Artemis have delivered a solution that met all expectations.  When I say tight, I'm talking 3 weeks.

With the delivery of the solution Coventry has the immediate benefits of:

  • Elections are now much simpler to administrate
  • More accessible to all students, including those on international placements
  • Savings of around £1,000 per election
  • Guaranteed 100% election accuracy

I'm really pleased with this solution, it shows how a university with a clear business need can work with a partner to deliver something which has clearly realisable benefits and helps to engage students on their terms.

I've put the case study on my SkyDrive below.

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