Announcing Community Kit for SharePoint: Windows Live Authentication

Thanks to my colleague Bradley Tipp for sending me an email pointing this out to me.  Below is access to instructions and code to use student's Windows Live IDs to authenticate with SharePoint.

Ever since the Windows Live ID Web Authentication SDK was announced a couple of months ago, many people have asked when there would be a solution for WSS 3.0 or MOSS 2007 to authenticate Windows Live ID users. Keith Bunge, a developer with Solanite Consulting developed a solution and released now as CKS: Windows Live Authentication.

The CKS:WLA is a membership provider that extends the SharePoint user base to include some of the 350+ million users around the world with active Windows Live IDs. It enables an administrator to add Windows Live ID users to a SharePoint site and provides a new “Authenticated Live Users” group that can be added to a SharePoint site via the People and Groups admin page.

This initial version of the CKS:WLA provider has the following features:

  • Windows Live ID authentication supported directly in SharePoint.
  • Ability to add and resolve a WLID user using an e-mail address as shown below -- note that my e-mail address gets resolve to my WLID "PUID."
  • "Authenticated Live Users" group, which works just like the built-in "NT_AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users" group that can be used for any SharePoint access control list.
  • Ability to lock or blacklist a WLID user.
  • “Windows Live Authentication Setting Sync” Feature at the site collection level, which upon being activated, will synchronize WLID user information to all site collections that have the feature activated, so the users will not have to register again for each new site collection they access.

The CKS:WLA solution is available at

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