Ultimate Steal – Office 2007 offer Update


We've made a few changes to the Ultimate Steal website (Office 2007 Ultimate for students, for Β£38.95), all of which are good news. Here's what we've done:

Added the Backup DVD option to the ordering options
To be honest, we have been trying to put this here ever since launch, but some technical glitches stopped us. It's now there, so students can order media at the same time as ordering the licence. This is handy if they don't want to use the download service, or they want a backup.

Added email verification BEFORE entering the purchasing process

We've been getting hundreds of students who have incorrectly entered their email address during the purchase process, which means they haven't received their licence key after purchase. It's tricky for us to resolve these individual problems quickly, and also inconvenient for students. So now, before you get to the online shop process, you have to provide your student email address (ending in .ac.uk) and then get an email confirmation and website login. This way, if you put in the incorrect email address, you won't get your website login - you'll have to go back and enter it again correctly.

Even more reasons to tell your students about the Ultimate Steal

Comments (82)

  1. aikon says:

    Thanks for the update, good to see the dvd option is now there πŸ™‚

    I have one more request though, would it be possible to find out how the ‘Back-up DVD’ is provided? What i mean to say is, if its just burned on a DVD-R or such like, then obviously we could do that ourselves for substantially less than £9….but if its more professionally done then may be worth paying the extra 25% for. Thanks πŸ™‚

  2. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Aikon,

    What you’ll receive is a normal Microsoft software disk – not something just burned for you!

    You could obviously just burn the download onto a DVD for backup, so that you’ve always got a copy, but for many people it’s just more convenient to order a DVD copy.

    This is also useful for those who don’t want to use the download, but prefer a DVD install.

    However, with the postal strikes, it may take longer than normal for the DVDs to arrive.


  3. Wayne says:

    Is this offer limited to one computer? i have three computers and would like it installed on them all if possible

  4. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Wayne,

    The Academic licences permit you to install on your main computer, and an associated personal mobile computer (ie laptop) only. That would only give you two installs, assuming one of your devices is a laptop. You can only buy one Office Ultimate under the Ultimate Steal deal.

    If you want three copies, then you may be better going into a shop and buying Office Home & Student (which isn’t the same as the Ultimate version, because it doesn’t contain things like Groove & Outlook). That is licensed for up to 3 computers in one home – but it does cost more.


  5. Phoebe Rose says:

    Hi, I have exactly that: one laptop and one PC, just a quick question, does it matter on which computer the program is downloaded onto first- and do I need to make sure that the computers are ‘associated’ in some way, could you explain what you mean by ‘associated personal mobile computer’? or is it just that the licence allows two installs?

  6. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Phoebe,

    No, it doesn’t matter which one you download to. And the reference to ‘associated’ is just a shorthand way of saying it’s also yours – rather than installing it on your PC, and then lending it to a friend to install it on their laptop.


  7. miss? says:

    I have the activation key now what? what steps do I follow now?

  8. Tom says:


    Does anybody know if this software is still legal once I have graduated or do I have to buy a new version?



  9. Ray Fleming says:

    "miss?" – assuming you’ve downloaded the software too, you just install it, and it will ask you for your licence key during that.


  10. Ray Fleming says:


    The perpetual licence you receive is valid once you leave education too – so you definitely don’t have to buy a new one!


  11. Richard says:

    Hi, I’m thinking about getting this but just wondered…I have 2 laptops that I use within the same household, both are mine. Would I be able to install on both as these? (or does it have to be one laptop and one desktop)

    Also if I purchase a new computer and already have 2 installs on old machines, can I just delete one install of an old machine and install it on the new one? (at no time having more than 2 installs!)

    cheers, Richard.

  12. MSDN Archive says:

    Hi Richard,

    Sorry for the delay in responding. To answer your questions:

    1) Yes – the licence agreement allows you to install this version of Office on a main device, and then install a copy on a second portable device. So if one your laptops is the one you primarily use at home, and the other is more for portable use, it will be fine to install copies on both.

    2) Yes again – you can reassign a licence to a different device any number of times, but not more than once every 90 days.

    I hope that clarifies things.

  13. Emily says:

    Okay so if I have a lap top that I bring to school but a desktop at home then I will be able to install it on both computers? Even if the desktop is under my Dad’s name? (the one I use at home though) Also, will it work under all of the user names on the desktop? or just one?

  14. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Emily,

    Not often I can say "Yes" and "Yes" and "Yes" to three questions in a row…but today I can!


  15. matthew says:

    if i am to order a disc (what is the price for this by the way) am i still able to use the download option aswell so as i can use the software before the disc arrives.

  16. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Matthew,

    Yes, you can use both methods – use the download to get up and running straight away, and order the DVD to lock it up safely in your files in case you need to re-install.



  17. Jeff says:

    What is the process to change the licence to another computer?  (As in, I buy a new computer and the 2nd installed version of Office is already on my laptop)

  18. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Jeff

    If you switch to a new computer, and you have removed your licence from your old computer (ie uninstalled) then you just go through the normal Office activation procedure on your new PC (the licence you are buying is transferable between PCs). This may involve a call to the Activation centre (the number will come up on screen at the right point), when they’ll check the details.

    Whatever you do, don’t lose your licence key number – you’ll need that when you install!

    It’s a simple process that works happily thousands of times a day, so no need to worry.


    (Did it myself at home in Dec, when I ditched my old PC and upgraded to a new one)

  19. Luke says:

    I understand I can install a copy of Office on both my desktop and laptop. What is the best way to install the second copy? Do I download once, burn a copy of the file to DVD and then install it on the other computer? Is it possible to download twice, one copy for each computer? Do the downloads have to be made within 30 days of purchase? Say, for example, I buy a new computer a year later and want to transfer Office, will I be able to re-download the Office file or do I need to use a back-up DVD copy I have made?

  20. anishannayya says:

    Hi Rayfl, I also have a couple questions:

    What happens if your computer crashes? In case of computer failure, and you didn’t get a chance to uninstall Office from your computer, will you have to buy it over again? Or is the not something you have to worry about as you will essentially be, for explanation purposes, be getting a new license every 90 days. This is just a question because I sometimes get hard drive failures and have to replace my hard drive. Also, can you install the software on both your desktop and laptop after you buy it, or do you have to wait 90 days in between installations?

  21. MSDN Archive says:

    Hi Luke,

    Both the options you suggested are fine; you can download once, store on a DVD or hard drive and install on both desktop and laptop.  Alternatively you can download to each PC and then use your product key to activate both installations. There is no time limit which the download needs to be made within.

  22. MSDN Archive says:

    Hi Anishannayya

    The really important part of the product is actually the product key you get when you buy the software – that is what converts the code from trial software to full software.  Therefore you are able to backup the Office file you download – to an external hard drive or burn it to a DVD – and install the software again from there, or re-download the Office Ultimate trial and you can convert it to the full product using your key.  

    The licence you have allows you to run the software on both your desktop and your laptop at the same time, providing they are both for your use.

  23. anishannayya says:

    Thanks Lee,

    I still have one more question. What will happen in case of a hard drive failure? I really don’t want to buy a product, if it will be useless once I have a hard drive failure and have to replace my hard drive. I rather go for an open source alternative, if that is the case.

  24. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Anishannayya,

    My advice would be to do one of two things. Either buy the optional DVD when you buy the licence – you’ll then get a DVD copy of the software in the post. Or make a backup copy of the download file yourself, onto a DVD, so that you always have a copy.


  25. anishannayya says:

    I think you are misunderstanding my question. I am not worried about the actual download, I backup everything I  have to an external hard drive. I am worried about what will happen if I have to replace my hard drive due to failure. Will I have problems registering my legal copy of Office? I am starting to get quite frustrated with having to repeat my question, and am beginning to think that I have exposed a flaw with the Microsoft Genuine Advantage validation system. Please advise. Office or Open Office?

  26. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Anishannayya,

    If you get a hard disk failure, and need to re-install the software, then you can do that and activate the softare, in the same way that you activated it the first time.

    However, there are some extra checks made when you are activating a licence for the second time (you referred to a 90-day time limit), which means that if you are re-activating software, then you may have to go through a second level of checks (which basically involves calling a telephone number rather than doing it all online). However, they don’t complicate the process, it is just a check to ensure that you’re not running the software on more machines than you are licensed for.


  27. solo says:

    hi if i want to order the back-up DVD can i use a shipping address different  to the billing address.

  28. MSDN Archive says:

    Hi Solo,

    I’m afraid not – the shipping and billing address need to be the same.



  29. Ron says:

    hi, what is the actual charge for the DVD, in addition to the £38.95?

  30. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Ron,

    It’s £8.95…and if that’s too much, then you can alternatively burn the software you download to CD yourself.


  31. Dirlunia says:

    I purchased the download and the physical copy. But It’s been 3 months and I haven’t got it yet. Does the product work once in one computer or do I get a new product key when I get the physical cds?

  32. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Dirlunia,

    Have you contacted the website support team? They should be able to resolve it for you quickly.


    (And no, your product key is the one you already have – there isn’t a different one on the physical media).


  33. Matt says:

    Hi, does anyone know what the original file name of the download is tagged as, i have installed it on Pc and then on my laptop which melted in the last 2 weeks, now i cant find the source file on my PC, i could search for the file name if anyone cud tell me what its originally called??

    many thanks

  34. Craig says:

    Hello. I am thinking about purchasing the Ultimate Steal, as well as the backup DVD. Is the license key included with the Backup DVD (all packaged together), in case it is lost?

  35. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Craig,

    No – you’ll receive your licence key when you order online. So keep that safe – and keep it with your DVD when that arrives. And just in case you put it in such a safe place you forget where you put it (like I did recently with my passport…) then write it down somewhere else too…


  36. Phil S says:

    Hi, I’ve just noticed on the e-mail it says;

    β€œPLEASE NOTE: Forwarding the invitation will make this email address ineligible for the program.”

    The thing is I’ve got my college e-mail being forwarded straight away to my Hotmail account so I will actually read them. Does this mean I can no longer buy the software or don’t auto-redirects  count for this. Certainly hope not and if this is the case how can I sort this out?

    I can log in and download the trial but I have yet to go further than that (haven’t even installed the trail yet) because I don’t want to spend money on something I can’t use, and certainly don’t want to have to pay the £600 for the full version.

    Hope you can awnser soon, Phil.

  37. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Phil,

    Not it’s not a problem that it forwarded to your own Hotmail email account. If you’re login works, then you’re fine.


  38. Phil S says:

    Sorry I posted twice, only just noticed this. You can only buy two licence’s, Perpetual or Subscription, is this different from "The Academic licences" you have mentioned before? Just need to check as I need to install on a PC and a Laptop sometime in the future.

    Thanks again, Phil.

  39. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Phil,

    The two licence options "Perpetual" or "Subscription" are about how long you’re buying a licence for.

    – Perpetual means you have the licence to run the software for ever

    – Subscription means you have a licence for a limited time – in this case, 1 year – so at the end of the year, you must renew your licence and pay again.

    My absolute best advice is to buy perpetual, because you would only be able to renew your subscription while you’re still in education.

    The "Academic licence" bit refers to the type of licence category – we sell all kinds, including normal commercial licences, academic (ie for education use or for students), home etc. Of course, there’s loads of small print around these types, but the big difference is that a business can’t buy academic licences to run their business on!

    The Ultimate Steal licence is an Academic one – which means that business users can’t buy it, only education linked people (as defined in the eligibility criteria).


  40. donnaw says:


      I am having problems with the ultimate steal promotion. I have received an email confirming eligibility and my password to login. On following the link from the email it does not allow me to login and takes me back to the registration page which I am told I already have an account. I have emailed customer service on numerous occasions and still not had a reply back . The offer ends tomorrow and I am getting frustrated as I do not want to miss out. Please could you let me know how to resolve the problem. thanks donna x

  41. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Donna,

    I’m afraid I can’t contact you directly, because I don’t have your email address – all I can see is your comment above. Drop me an email (ray.fleming@microsoft.com) entitled "Ultimate Steal query" and I’ll escalate it for you.



  42. donnaw says:

    Thanks ray I have emailed you .

    Donna x

  43. alex t says:


    What about if you have not yet got a laptop? Will you be able to activate it after the deadline, having recieved your security code before the deadline?

    I will obviously register it straight away on the main computer.


  44. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Alex,

    No problem – you can install it later, but you must order it before the deadline tonight. Order the DVD copy and you’ll get the media to install it whenever you get your laptop.


  45. HB says:

    Here is my situation: both my wife and I have laptops, and we plan on buying the Ultimate Steal for both of them. My question is about the backup DVD…I have ordered it already, however can I use this same DVD to reinstall under her licence. Thanks.

  46. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi HB,

    You can use the one DVD – it’s only the licence key that’s different


  47. Matt says:

    Is there anywhere i can download this again, i purchased it for my main computer, so i have a licence number already, and now want to get it on my new laptop.

  48. Dominic says:


    the download is only valid for 30 days but please don’t dispair because you are able to order the media from http://store.digitalriver.com/servlet/PromoServlet/promoID.3493800

    which is currently retailing for £8.95 GBP (not sure about postage)

  49. Gadget437 says:

    Just been reading the T&C on the 2008 Ultimate steal promotion, here,


    It included this section,

    Purchase Limitations:

    Eligible students may purchase up to four licences, but no more than one licence from each of the four sections above per valid e-mail address or billing address.

    Does this mean for this year’s promotion you only get one license for £38.95? Or does one licence entitle me to install to both my desk and laptop?

  50. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Gadget437,

    The Academic licences (like this one) permit you to install on your main computer, and an associated personal mobile computer (ie laptop) only. That would give you two installs, assuming one of your devices is a laptop. You can only buy one Office Ultimate under the Ultimate Steal deal.

    If you want more than two installations, then you may be better going into a shop and buying Office Home & Student (which isn’t the same as the Ultimate version, because it doesn’t contain things like Groove & Outlook). That is licensed for up to 3 computers in one home – but it does cost more.



  51. chris says:

    Ok i bought a office pack 38.95 and there has been no confirmation email sending me a product key what to do


  52. Ray Fleming says:


    Whilst I can’t be a support desk for Ultimate Steal (that’s what the "Customer Support" tag on the Ultimate Steal website is for


    what I can do is escalate a problem that you’ve raised with them, and they’ve not been able to fix.

    I can’t get contact details from your comments (normally that’s a good thing, from a personal information point of view), so drop me a line using the "Email" button at the top of the page, and I’ll help as much as I can, and escalate appropriately.


  53. Matt says:

    If i install the ultimate steal on both my laptop and desktop am i able to use office on both computer at the same time for example using groove to backup myt files?


  54. Matt says:

    if i install office ultimate on both my computers can i use both copys at the same time eg using groove to backup files?

  55. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Matt,

    The licence allows you to install on a main computer and a companion computer (in your case desktop and laptop) – so you can use it on both at the same time, and use Groove to keep files synchronised between them (and potentially to share with other users of Groove, for projects etc).

    The other way to sync files between machines is to use Live Mesh, which I’ve been using in beta for a while now. It is simpler, in that it uses normal folders to store files, and then syncs them with other devices & with a virtual desktop on the web too.

    At the end of October the beta version for the Mac and for Windows SmartPhones was released too – which means you can have a file on your PC which is also synced to your phone – eg images. Or take images on your phone and have them automatically synced back to your PC/Mac.

    Info on that, and sign up page, is at http://www.mesh.com


  56. Sarah says:

    Hi, I’m ready to purchase the ultimate steal- the office 2007 license. If I want to order a different license- i.e. language pack, can I do so at another time, or does it all have to be done in the same purchase?

    Thank you.

  57. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Sarah,

    You can do it when you want – there’s no need to order both bits at the same time


  58. John says:


    I’ve been looking into this and it seems interesting, just one question.  Will the license still be valid once I graduate?  Or will it be void since I won’t be a "Qualified Educational User" anymore?



  59. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi John,

    It’s a perpetual licence, so one you graduate it is still yours to use forever πŸ™‚

    The Qualified Educational User definition applies to you buying – you can continue using after graduation happily (the same applies to the licences we sell for School students – they are perpetual too)


  60. RayRay says:

    Just wondering what the "back-up" dvd looks like, is just like what I would get if I bought it out the shop, I’m a sucker for packaging! πŸ™‚ Or just a plain case, in which case I’ll back up myself!

    Any chance of a picture?



  61. RayRay says:

    Could i buy it and give it to my brother as an xmas present?



  62. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi RayRay,

    The backup DVD isn’t a fancy, all-singing-all-dancing retail box. It’s just a DVD in a little cardboard sleeve. Sorry – you’ll have to apply your packaging-fetish to another product!

    Oh, and "can I buy it and give it to my brother for Christmas".

    Well, not now you’ve told the world what you’re getting him. Really, it’s not going to be a surprise now! Somebody’s bound to tell him.

    (OK – sensible answer: Not unless he’s a student that qualifies! But you’ll have to hope he buys you one too, because you’re only allowed to buy one per email address)


  63. Redcraghopper says:

    I was just about to order, but the option for a back-up DVD appears to have been replaced with an option for Digital River to keep a back-up digital copy for 2 years for £4……..is there any other way to get a back up DVD?

    The link from Dominic Watts –  http://store.digitalriver.com/servlet/PromoServlet/promoID.3493800 – given above does not work.

  64. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Redcraghopper,

    Your are so right – the backup DVD disappeared late last week. Apparently somebody had to update the product codes, and forgot to update the one for the backup DVD.

    They’ve told me it’ll be fixed by the time I’ve finished replying to your comment!



  65. Sarah says:

    Sorry, lots of questions:

    Are the back up DVD’s sent from the UK or US? (just thinking of how long they take to arrive and chance of getting lost in the post!)

    Also if I wanted to burn my own DVD can I use DVD-R or DVD-RW or would I have to use a specific type?

    Can the DVD be burned direct during download or would I download and then burn the DVD?

    Does the download auto install?

    Finally is Office Ultimate an upgrade that requires Microsoft products to be on the pc/laptiop already or the full package that can be put straight onto a new pc/laptop?

  66. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Sarah

    – The DVD’s are sent from Ireland, so typically take a week or so.

    – To burn your own DVD, you don’t ned a specific type, as long as you can write to it!

    – You download the file, and then burn it to DVD, not download direct to DVD

    – The package you download is the same as the normal disk you buy in-store, so it does the usual auto-install/automatic setup

    – Office Ultimate is the full product, not an upgrade. Of course, you’ve got to have Windows on your laptop already, but it doesn’t need to have an existing copy of Office to run


  67. Pat100 says:


    I have Office 2003 Home and Student Edition. Will installing Office 2007 Ultimate Steal upgrade this, keeping my settings?

    Will the .OPS file produced by my Office 2003 Save My Settings Wizard be helpful?

    Can you give me a link to any upgrading instructions or help?

  68. Pat100 says:

    Mistake! I have the Student and Teacher Edition of Office 2003.



  69. Ian White says:

    I ordered the software and the backup disk over a week ago and I cannot find the link to get the electronic download or the product code.  I have received the disks but no-one is replying to my e-mails and I am gutted as I would really like to use the software!

    Please help!!  Thanks.

  70. Dominic says:

    HTH help Ian, please contact me directly.

  71. James says:


    I bought the ultimate steal on thursday and successfully installed it on my main computer, however whilst trying to install it on my laptop, it said that It wasn’t valid for two machines (or something to that effect) what can I do?

    Thanks, James

  72. Ray Fleming says:

    Hey James,

    Did you follow the instructions to call the phone number it gave you. That team will then run through some checks with you – basically to make sure you’re doing your second install within the terms of the licence, and not just installing another copy for a mate etc


  73. James says:

    If I download the Vista Ultimate as an upgrade for my existing XP Professional installation but want to do a clean install is that possible?

    Can I make the downloaded file boot from the DVD?  Is the file download in .iso format or…?

    Thanks for your help!

  74. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi James

    When you do the install, you get the option to do an upgrade or to do a clean install.

    The file you download is an iso which you then burn to a DVD


  75. dr_98_98 says:

    I’ve just bought Office 2007 Ultimate edition. I am currently going to use it on my Vista machine which I plan to update to Windows 7. When I install Office 2007 on the new OS will this "take up" the second license?

  76. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi dr 98 98

    When you upgrade to Windows 7, you can just re-install using the original licence key, and everything will be fine. The licensing scheme takes account of the fact you may be doing upgrades of the operating system.


  77. patprr says:


    I bought Ultimate steal and need to reinstall post crash of PC.  All activation details are on Uni. Email but I finished in June.  Can you advise what I can do?

  78. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Pat,

    I’m afraid we don’t have access to them, which is why we advise you to print it out and keep it in a safe place. It’s the equivalent of a set of keys, or a code for a safe – if you lose it, then you lose access to the contents.

    Hopefully your university keeps a backup of your email?


  79. Mac says:


    I bought Ultimate Steal about 6 months ago for my desktop PC. I understand that you are permitted to install it on one desktop PC and a laptop. Having just bought a new laptop I wondered what was the best way to install it on there, I have the product key from the original email.

    Many thanks

  80. ll238 says:


    I bought two copies of the ultimate steal; one for my laptop and one for my desktop.

    I used my open university and ex university email addresses so unfortunately don’t have access to the codes which you sent.

    How will I get my codes? I had to reinstall my desktop, so no longer have office available?


  81. Su says:

    I managed to get a virus on my laptop and lost my disc for The Ultimate Steal (rubbish luck I know).  I have noticed that the current offer suggests a free download of Office 2010.  My questions are therefore:

    1) Can I buy again as I have already bought a copy previously (but have lost it)?

    2) Does The Ultimate Steal qualify for the free upgrade to Office 2010 (was a little difficult to determine from the ‘terms and conditions’ site)

    Does anyone know the answer to my questions?

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