Future Education Team online briefings

Over the next few months, we are going to running a series of briefings on specific aspects of ICT in education, relating to some of our newer technologies and their use in education. They are all running as Live Meetings, where you are able to watch the PowerPoint presentation on your screen, and hear the…


Software Asset Management – Phoenix events

A colleague has just told me about the free Software Asset Management events that Phoenix & Microsoft are running together, coming up in the next couple of weeks. Reading – Friday 19 October Edinburgh – Wednesday 24 October London – Tuesday 30 October Manchester – Friday 2 November They may be of particular relevance if…


7 tips for working securely from wireless hotspots

Like last week’s posting, on 10 ways to work more securely, was a handy way of reminding your staff about common sense steps that they can take to keep their own personal PCs secure, as well as contributing to the organisation security you’re managing. Well, here’s another list in a similar vein, that you may…


Free TechNet Events coming around the country

TechNet is pleased to announce the second series of technical events “TechNet on the Road” We will again be stepping away from PPT and concentrating on a demo-packed full day. We will be visiting 5 locations (Reading, London, Manchester, Newcastle and Falkirk) There are 3 separate sessions:1) Beyond SharePoint – a look at Microsoft Office…


When data goes bad…a student study

We’ve been doing a lot of work with students recently, and from that I’ve learnt quite a bit about their ICT habits. Two years ago universities reported that three-quarters of students turn up with their own PC, with some reporting that 99% of students do. Judging on the research panels we’ve held recently, that number…


MSDN – The Microsoft Developer Network – Free Events

If you have developers within your university, busily coding applications and systems for your intranet, then you may want to let them know about the free MSDN events coming up over the next few months. They’re aimed at mainstream development engineers, and given that many universities have teams developing internal applications, with a big emphasis…


Ultimate Steal – Office 2007 offer Update

We’ve made a few changes to the Ultimate Steal website (Office 2007 Ultimate for students, for £38.95), all of which are good news. Here’s what we’ve done: Added the Backup DVD option to the ordering optionsTo be honest, we have been trying to put this here ever since launch, but some technical glitches stopped us….


10 Ways to Work More Securely

What’s the biggest risk to your IT system security? Probably your users! For all of the efforts that you make, it only takes one user to do something really dumb inappropriate, and suddenly you’re back to firefighting. And how many times have you had to remind your users about some of the things in this…


What do you do when you have to tell all your students your campus is closed?

Okay, this doesn’t happen every day (thank goodness), but let’s suppose that you’ve got an important message, for all of your students, and which is time critical. It may represent part of your contingency planning, or it may be that there are certain key notices which you really want to reach all students now -…


Microsoft Volume Activation Technology 2.0 – Training from partners

I received information from Viglen on a new training course that they are running, which is designed to demystify your options for activating Windows Vista volume licence keys. It will help you make the right decisions now, so that as more products (for example Windows Server 2008) come along using the same methods, you’ll have…