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You may recall that the criteria for students purchasing the Ultimate Steal promotion was that they should have a email address, and a 1/2 course load. Although that made a lot of sense in some countries, in the UK we have a more complex model of Higher Education than some, so we've worked on a new definition, which encompasses everybody that we think should be eligible.

In a nutshell, if you're a Higher Education student, and enrolled in an undergraduate and postgraduate level course, then you're in!

This means that if you're doing a distance learning course with a UK university, or a part time MBA, and your university gives you an email address, then you can order Office Ultimate 2007 at £38.95. This definition therefore includes many of the 200,000 students of the Open University, as well as some of the other queries around grey areas we have received.

The specific criteria, now on the website is:


Comments (3)

  1. i have been trying to purchase this pack but i keep getting an error report any suggestions on what i’m doing wrong


  2. Matt says:

    Hi, could I get some clarification on these changes please. Though the eligibility criteria linked to do reflect the changes mentioned here, withing the purchasing/sign up procedure the following is still stated as the offer conditions:

    “You must hold a valid email address at a U.K. educational institution ending in (for example, AND be actively enrolled with at least 0.5 course load. Also, you must be able to provide proof of enrollment status (ie, student card) upon request by Microsoft. If you are unable to provide proof of enrollment, you will be required to pay the full retail price of Office Ultimate 2007 (£599.99).”

    This appears to be in contradiction to what is stated above but as it is the official conditions that have to be agreed to it would appear to be the more binding.

    In relation to this what qualifies as a undergraduate level course? Specifically is there some criteria which defines which Open University courses are included (as the above information states ‘many’ rather than all) – for example is there some relation to the Open University level or point systems?

    My own situation is that I’m currently studying a course with the Open University (and have a address which I have used to successfully register with). I am however currently on a year’s industrial placement before taking up a (secured) place at a university full-time next year. I will most probably not continue with more OU courses while a full-time student (though I might continue afterwards if this is relevant). How would the fact that I would be enrolled at a different university with a different email etc. affect my eligibility under the terms and conditions? Also is there any policy with regards to continuity of study – i.e. do I need to be constantly enrolled on Open Unversity programmes (or studying full-time) to qualify or is it acceptable for there to be a break in study – e.g. between OU course finishing and starting at university.

    Any help and clarification you could provide would be much appreciated. Thanks for your time.

    (Apologies if this seems better suited to an email – I couldn’t seem to find any appropriate address to send it to)

  3. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Matt,

    On your first point (that the purchasing/sign ip procedure has different conditions). That’s an oversight on our part, that we haven’t updated that bit. We’ll get onto it, and update that bit too (the criteria shown on the eligiblity link above are the correct ones).

    On the second point – your specific scenario. I’m afraid that I can’t easily your eligibility because of the complexity. I really would like to help, but it’s quite tricky from the details given. Could you drop me an email (use the "email" tab at the top of this page, or this link ) and I’ll see if we can help a bit more.


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