Product launch invitation: PerformancePoint Server 2007

There are a number of product launch events coming up in the next few months. They may not be as high profile as the two "big" ones - Halo 3 this week and Windows Server 2008 next year - but in terms of more immediate value to you, then the Performance Point Server 2007 launch, in two weeks' time should be of interest.

There's an ugly term, Business Intelligence (or BI), used to describe the ability to draw together different strands of information from around an institution, and present and analyse it in real-time. It means, in a university for example, the capability to create a single point where you can see how next year's student recruitment is going, alongside this year's retention and attendance rates, and putting that information alongside your Research & Knowledge Transfer key indicators, your financial trends, and service availability figures.

Although the launch event is aimed at the commercial sector, this struck me as a good opportunity for senior managers in universities to get an insight into both the product and its uses to create information from data, carry out organisational analyses and produce scorecards. In addition to a keynote from Robert Kaplan, there's also presentations from businesses that use Business Intelligence systems to drive more informed decision making, such as Unilever.

The Launch takes place on the 16th of October in London, aimed at a Business leaders and will include a presentation from Professor Robert Kaplan

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