Product launch invitation: Office Communications Server 2007

Here's another launch that might be of interest to you. This one is for our Office Communications Server 2007, which shifts the convergence of phone, email, fax, IM, web conferencing and voice over IP.  You will have seen how different mechanisms of communication are multiplying - in both our personal and professional lives - and this product launch takes a step forward in finding ways to integrate these mechanisms and helping individuals to manage their communications more flexibly. As an example, I'm working from home today, but you wouldn't know it - if you call me on my office number, your call will be automatically rerouted to my mobile number or my IP phone on my PC. In fact, it is so seamless that sometimes, when I'm unavailable, people ring my office number and leave me a message - and then call my mobile with the same message. They hadn't realised that their first call had been rerouted to the same device - and I end up with two identical messages.

The agenda provides a good look at the general direction of unified communications, and ways of delivering Voice Over IP (VOIP), provide a single identity system, and improve universal communications security. There are also two great customer references, Tayside Fire and Rescue (watch their video) & United Bristol Health Care Trust, both of whom will be presenting on the day.

The Event takes place on the 17th of October in London and there are two events, a whole day event for Technical Decision Makers, and a shorter 'breakfast briefing' for Business Decision Makers:

Business Decision Maker information and registration

Technical Decision Maker information and registration 

Not sure which one to attend? If you understand this:

"Deliver VoIP without needing to rip and replace your existing BX and telecommunications infrastructure. OCS 2007 works with legacy PBXs and connects to the PSTN through an IP/PBX gateway."

then you should probably go to the Technical one!

 For further details of Office Communications Server 2007

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