It’s arrived – Office Ultimate 2007 for Students – for £38.95!


We have been working on this for a while, and it has finally arrived. Yesterday we announced the availability of Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 for UK Higher Education students, as a download, for £38.95.

The headline summary is:

It's a time-limited offer available to students with a email address as a digital download, containing the full Ultimate package.

This is a pilot in a limited number of countries - UK, US, Canada, Spain, Italy and France - and it's good news that the UK is in the pilot. Most UK students think that Office costs £000's of pounds, and aren't very aware of the lower cost licences that have been available (for example, under the Select licence), so this makes it easier for them to buy a legitimate copy easily and cost-effectively.

We're not going to spend lots of money advertising this - for one thing, it is only available to students with a email address, and so putting adverts all over the media isn't going to work. But we will be doing some on-campus promotions at some universities, using email to students, and many universities have already asked for posters and emails to send to their own students.

If you'd like to get some posters, flyers, or want to check what you can email to your students, drop a line to Ceri Morriss in our HE team We're just about to post an email which you could use to let your students know about the offer. It's only a suggestion - you can use it or write your own to meet the needs of your specific student body!

We're getting a few basic queries by email. Can I ask you to add them as comments on this blog instead, and we'll (a) guarantee to answer them more speedily and (b) we'll both be helping everybody by answering your questions publicly.

All of the details are on the offer's website:

ps Have you got questions? Add them as a comment, and then I'll answer them here - hopefully everyone else will benefit from the answer too!

pps You need to login to add a comment (to avoid comment-spam).

ppps If you really don't want to login and share your comments and our answers then you can contact us at

Comments (20)

  1. dazzer1975 says:

    Hi There,

    I know the write up above explains it is only available as a download, however on the website where the product is available it mentions you can order a hard copy of office ultimate 2007.

    Having placed it into the basket I am then confronted with payment options and no option to select the hard copy.

    Do you have any information about this?

  2. Ray Fleming says:

    Hmm. It was supposed to be there now. I will check with a colleague, but unfortunately will have to wait until Monday. Check back Monday afternoon for an answer.

  3. Ray Fleming says:

    We’ve had a number of emails asking from people in uni’s, asking when you tell your students about this. The answer is – straight away! It’s now officially launched, and you can happily tell students etc.

  4. May says:


    Ive just bouaght a new laptop and i am considering going for this offer but the problem i am face with is that i’ve been told that because this is the newest version the old version documents can be opened here but the work i do and save on office 2007 can not be opened on older versions of office.

    Is this true?

    If so what could be done so that i can open the files on the computers which runs on the older versions as not only do we have to hand hard copies of our assignments at uni but also send an electronic copy via e-mail.

    Could you help me?

  5. proteanian says:

    The site says that you must be enrolled with "at least 0.5 course load" – what does that mean?  The complete offer details don’t mention it.  I’m a part-time student with the Open University and I want to make sure I’m eligible before I order.

  6. Lee says:

    The 0.5 course load criteria is there to ensure that the offer is mainly available to full time students. For instance we’d want to exclude people who are just taking a single evening class and aren’t really students by the classical definition (i.e. they are primarily employees). So ‘at least a  0.5 course load’ means this offer is really for full-time students and students who are spending more than half their time doing academic work.

  7. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi May,

    Office 2007 does use, by default, a new file format. However, you can save in loads of other formats, includin Office 2003 (and PDF and HTML and RTF….).

    And you can change the default setting, so that it always saves in 2003 format. So that will make it easier to share files with older versions. Also, there is an add-in to Office 2003 that reads the new file formats, which is a free download (if users have “Automatic Updates” enabled, it will download automatically when they need to use it)

    Does that help?


  8. aikon says:

    Any update on ordering a hard copy? Still dont see a way to do it, but the page hasnt been updated to remove the details saying you can do so.

  9. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Aikon,

    I’m sorry, but it should have been fixed last week. Unfortunately the guys fixing it are in a different time zone, so I’ll be able to check with them this afternoon.


  10. Ray Fleming says:

    An update from a colleague working on the "order a hard copy" question:

    "We are providing a path for purchase on the confirmation page and emails in the interim. It should be part of the actual purchase process by Wednesday."


  11. Suraj says:


    Although somebody has already mentioned this question (I think so) but I didn’t get the answer so I am posting this question again.

    Can I get the MS Office Ultimate 2007 in CD or in DVD when buying this promotion product?

  12. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Suraj (and Aikon)

    Let me start by apologising for the delay. We had hoped this would already have been resolved.

    My colleagues have been continuing to work on this, and have now said that it will be live by Monday 1st October. If you place an order before then, and there isn’t an option to add it to your order on the confirmation page, then use the Customer Service page on the website to raise a query. The Digital River team will then sort things for you.


  13. Howard Bolton says:

    I’m doing an Open University course, 30 points each year towards a degree, I have the "" email, but are OU students eligible.

  14. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Howard,

    We’ve just updated the eligibility guidelines, there’s info on the website, and also on this blogpost:

    Does that help?


  15. Chris C says:


    I have just purchased the office 2007 ultimate edition using the scheme, and its great. I had the 2003 Student/Teacher Edition which allowed installation on 3 PC’s (i have a laptop for on-campus work and a desktop for off-campus work).  Is this the same for this edition, or will i have to purchase extra copies for each PC?

  16. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Chris,

    I’m afraid that this licence is a different one to the Home & Student licence, and may only be used on one PC, not 3. (On the other hand, it is a much higher version of the software, and lower cost than Home & Student!)


  17. Francis says:

    Hello! This is regarding the availability of the DVD in this promotion.  I bought the licence online before the issue was resolved.  I have been in touch with Microsoft and Digital River on this.  Despite what you say above, Ray, about using the customer service page on the website, the DR tea seem unwilling or unable to sort it out for me.  Their reply seems to suggest that the deal is available only to new customers, not those who, like me, purchased in good faith expecting to be able to acquire the DVD.  I bought the licence on September 18th, I would really prefer not to download the suite, but the window closes in 10 days.  What am I to do to get this resolved?

  18. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Francis,

    All of the existing customers (up until Friday when they added it to the order page) will get an email from Digital River with a weblink to order a DVD. However, given the post office strikes at the moment, you may want to do a download anyway, because business mail is being held up incredibly currently. The download is just over 500Mb.

    Unfortunately I don’t have your email address, so I can’t reply directly. If you can pop me an email using the link at the top of the page, I’ll escalate it directly for you (can you also forward the email from Digital River – that’ll help them to identify the cause of the problem 😉


  19. Edmond says:

    I have been repeatedly trying to purchase the licence but continually face the message “We are unable to process your order. Please verify your information and try again” whenever I try to place my order. Any help sent to ***** (edited by Ray) would be much appreciated. I have tried contacting them several times to no avail.

  20. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Edmond

    Not sure why it’s not working for you – I know that it is working for most people, as the daily orders is still okay.

    If it still isn’t working, then contact the customer service team. There’s a link on the FAQ page (accessed from the main website), or go straight to this page:

    Hope that helps


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