Accessibility kit for MOSS

Recently, I've had a few conversations with Universities looking to use MOSS as their main Internet site Content Management System and in particular around the area of accessibility.  In general, sites needing to meet AA standards require some development effort to help them on their way.  In my role as the Higher Education Business Manager, this has been a fairly frequent conversation up and down the country.  Of course, there are some excellent sites which have already been deployed in SharePoint that meet many accessibility criteria such as:

These are wonderful examples of how a rich Enterprise Content Management system in all its glory is delivering superb web content to practically any audience.

In recognising that organisations wishing to deploy MOSS for portal, Intranet and Internet scenarios will need to consider accessibility Microsoft reached an agreement with HiSoftware to develop the Accessibility Kit for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.  For more information on this, and its phased availability, please refer to the SharePoint blog:

It's coming soon and I'm sure will be of interest to anyone considering MOSS for their Internet sites.


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