What can you do with a 2GB inbox?

I'm now quite comfortable with the thought of a 2GB inbox in the sky.  In fact, I've now had this for quite some time but I've always been thinking about how on earth I'll ever get anywhere like close to filling it up and it's always been languishing in the single digit percent of utilisation.

So what's new about 2GB?


So why the post about 2GB?

This isn't about 2GB, it's about the recent change in Hotmail to take it to 5GB

Sorry, did you say 5GB?

Yes that's right, as of today I have a 5GB hotmail address.

So there we have it 2GB is now dwarfed by this huge increase and.  This also means that I'm now right down to only 3% utilisation 🙁


For more information on this and other changes look at this posting.

Could your students use a 5GB email store?  If so, look at http://get.live.com/edu for more information on Microsoft's programme to provide students with a university branded email address, blog, instant messaging and more.  Basically, Microsoft is working with universities to enhance the student experience whilst taking cost out of their operations.

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