CRM Systems in the FE & HE sectors

A perennial issue for colleges and universities is attracting, and retaining, students. There is a trend for students to act like consumers, and be more demanding of institutions, and more critical of services that they receive. And let's face it, that trend is only going to grow!

Perhaps that's just one of the reasons why there is a growing trend for institutions to adopt Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems - 12 months ago, Kable were predicting that CRM would become a high priority for both sectors by 2008/9.

One of our CRM partners, Touchstone, have just published a case study on their CRM implementation at Bourneville College in Birmingham, and the following quote caught my eye (TEEM is Touchstone's CRM):

Eddie Cottis, Project Manager at Bournville College, explains, “Most colleges now focus on the corporate and SME sectors; seeking to provide a range of flexible alternatives for training. Bournville College is a particularly attractive option for local businesses, given its excellent reputation for management and marketing courses amongst others. In keeping with our aim to provide the highest quality of service in all areas, we decided to invest in managing our interface with the local business community with TEEM. This allows our Business Development operation to target this sector more effectively, avoid duplication and ensure that there are no gaps."

 You can read more of the case study on Touchstone's web site

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