Using Windows Vista and Office 2007? Tell us why you like it and win…

Lots of universities are already using Windows Vista and/or Office 2007, and even more installing it this summer. And if you are one of those, then here's your chance to tell others why you like it...and win a prize.

There are two Tablet PCs up for grabs in the competition (one prize for the best Student entry and one for the best Staff entry). And...if you're quick...20 x 2GB memory sticks for the first 10 featured entries in each category...

All you need to do is answer the question "How have the new features in Windows Vista and Office 2007 helped you with your teaching and lesson planning?". That's it. (Oh, and fill out the contact details).

This will be a worldwide competition, but I've persuaded my colleagues over the Atlantic that we should give the UK the first chance to enter. So do it now, before everybody else piles in. And both Tablet PCs will go to UK education (when they extend it, they have to find new prizes and keep their hands off ours!)

There are two categories - one for staff and one for students.

Here's the website to enter

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