Upgrading this summer to Office 2007? Got some technophobic users?

It's summer. You've probably got a whole pile of ICT projects lined up. New PCs into classrooms, perhaps a new set of network updates to roll out - and then there's new desktop software. I know a large number of universities are planning to install Office 2007 over the summer. Generally they're not worried about training for students, because they'll just jump in and start exploring. However, some of the staff are the ones who don't like their software changing too much!

And so, to help - and even though this seems to be a step backwards - one company has developed an add-on for Office 2007 which reverts the new-whizzy, easy-to-use, menus back to the old Office 2003 look and feel. It's not something I'd recommend - okay, when it you upgrade you need to spend a while adjusting, but you soon learn how much easier it is to use - but if you've got somebody who doesn't like change, then you'll like this - it switches Office back 4 years...

Classic Menu for Office 2007 - Access, Excel, PowerPoint and Word

(This links you to a 15-day trial - the full product costs $29.95 - but perhaps 15 days is all you'll need to convince your staff to learn the new menu....)

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