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It's time to start planning for IT Forum again even though it only seems like last week.  I sent the following out to a group of people recently.  Basically, we're looking for the academic community to look at how it can use the shared services opportunities now rattling around the sector to promote shared learning experiences gained at IT Forum.

2007’s TechEd IT Forum will be bigger than ever. More presenters, more content and more days!  The conference will last for a full five days in Barcelona with experts from the US, Europe and the UK.

For more details on TechEd IT Forum, and this year’s agenda, visit the website:

And, as before, the UK Education team would like to invite you to apply for one of our limited free places at the conference. You will still need to pay for your travel and accommodation, but we’ll take care of the ticket cost for TechEd IT Forum itself, saving between £400 and £1200

Every year it becomes more difficult for us to choose who gets these golden tickets, and so this year we thought we would ask you to tell us how you will use your visit to TechEd IT Forum to share knowledge with the wider education community in HE, FE and local authorities. For example, how you will distribute what you have learned to your colleagues – both within your establishment and outside of it.  We know of good practice from previous years, where delegates have gone back and run a briefing day for their colleagues within their university, or presented sessions at regional IT Conferences.  Or you may want to blog about new products, produce test reports of beta products for colleagues at other establishments, or produce training or implementation materials.

To help us to prioritise our places for the list of TechEd IT Forum attendees, then all we ask is that you return this questionnaire to us, one for each place that you’re requesting, by 26th July. All those allocated a place will be informed by the end of 27th July.

Anyone who is unsuccessful in gaining one of these tickets or would rather just take the usual route there is the opportunity to register for academic discounted tickets by following this link:

We look forward to welcoming you again to IT Forum.

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