Durham Business School, Distance Learning and Office 2007

The more observant reader will perhaps notice that I posted this once before on another blog but recent conversations with UCISA made me realise that there is still very little known about how SharePoint is being used in the UK's universities.  Durham University's Business School, in my opinion,is probably the greatest example of how a university can exploit the full functionality of SharePoint (MOSS 2007 to be specific) to drive effectiveness for staff and students.  What is also impressive is the fact that the deployment is totally aligned to an IT strategy that maps onto the overall school's strategy.  Therefore, I believe that the Durham story should be shouted from the rooftops so I have no shame in posting this again.  At least it's a different site this time. 

It was a great pleasure to see this Office 2007deployment programme at Durham University, Business School produce such great evidence of both the way teaching and learning have changed and also students and academics expectations of communication in a distance learning context.


Some of the video is still based on vision but they have made significant progress in delivering a new platform for distance based learning with the student at the centre and communication possibilities that are far superior to way they were prior to the programme.

After speaking with those involved with the programme I'm certain that this is going to really benefit all students and academics and will make personlised learning a reality in Durham.

Another possible aspect for them and others involved with Distance Based Learning to consider is Conference XP from Microsoft Research - this has now gone Gold with version 4.

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  1. Eduard says:

    Thank you for the great post.

    Our Colledge also deploys SharePoint and to utilise fully it’s collaboration tools we use also <a href="http://www.SharePointLMS.com">Learning management system for MOSS 2007</a> – full blown LMS.

    You can see some details about this implementatationhere:


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