SharePoint 2007 – want to really know what it can do for you?

My colleague, Phil Allen, who's our resident educational-techie, has provided me with a document of links to really good SharePoint resources. Bless him, he wants to help you all find good stuff, but 7 pages of document, with each page containing long link lists! Phew, I think it might take a while working through that.

So I've done some of the hard work, and looked for the stuff that I think you might like. If you want the full list, then feel free to take a look

Ray's edited SharePoint link list

A nice easy start, with an introductory SharePoint Flash Demo

Warmed up? How about installing a trial version of SharePoint 2007

Specific resources for education include the SharePoint Learning Kit (a free, community source toolset we've developed which helps you construct course structures for content delivery, and automate some of the teaching management process)

We've developed SharePoint to be a vital component within the Microsoft Learning Gateway, and if you want to build one yourself, then you can find get the technical resources for Learning Gateway 2007, and join up with the Learning Gateway Community. And the final education piece are the Moodle web parts to help you integrate their virtual learning environment into your SharePoint 2007.

And some final technical stuff - a technical 'deep dive' on SharePoint search and the TechNet Centre for SharePoint - a good point to start looking for all the other stuff!

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