How to put the groove into multimodal education

My colleagues in Australia sent this posting last night with the summary:


BroadMeadows has created an amazing environment for children to learn via multimodal experiences: Document creation, video production, Mobile devices for discovery, pairing with older students who model successful learning skills, and learning the “how” of functioning on a team. All of this is tied together with Office, Movie Maker, OneNote, SharePoint, and using Groove as the virtual teaming technology to pull it together.

 Obviously this is schools but there's every reason to see university students using Groove to collaborate on rich projects and I'd love to learn of some examples in the UK where this is happening. 

I've previously posted on another site about the potential for Groove in education and received positive response but the Broadmeadows experience shows just how simple Groove can make this.

Also, it's worth looking at what Durham Business School (University of Durham) is doing with Groove for distance learners in this video


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