This year’s deadline for the Microsoft Student Partner programme

The MSP Programme is designed to help students get the most out of Microsoft tools and technologies, develop their skills and give them a head start in the world once they graduate and enter the IT industry.  This year's deadline is 26th May, so if you have student's which this programme would interest, send them along to the MSP website quickly

Being an MSP is a privileged and honoured status for any student, and they get a whole host of opportunities and benefits from being part of the MSP programme including:

  • Global portal access to the latest news, actions, event, worldwide forums, resources and photo gallery;
  • MSDN Universal Subscription;
  • Technical events hosted by Microsoft in Reading, London and Cambridge – travel expenses funded, Industry and Microsoft speakers;
  • Mentor Programme with Community Leaders & Microsoft Most Valued Professionals;
  • Software giveaways, betas, resource kits etc;
  • Promotional items for on campus use – posters, flyers, campus launch kits etc;
  • Star Award winners receive Tech-Ed passes (ticket, flights & accommodation) and reference letter;
  • Glass Award for every student at close of the programme each year.

Current MSP's comments point out the value to them:

“The MSP Programme is suitable for anyone passionate about the use of technology, and also those who want the basis and credibility to promote that passion to others, through the support of Microsoft UK. It’s also great for those who want to develop a closer relationship with Microsoft, develop their own technical skills and also get stuck into a greater breath of technology.“
Paul Kiddie - University of Birmingham

"One of the best highlights I have got from being an MSP is that I get to be an official representative for Microsoft on-campus, which gives me greater access to resources to promote Microsoft. Also, the experience you get from being invited to some really cool Microsoft events such as the Designertopia conference."
Darren Straight - University of Kent

"The MSP programme is good for anyone willing to get out of the typical university routine and willing to make a difference in the campus by providing information to the students about different Microsoft programmes targeted towards academia."
Nabeel Moghal - University of Greenwich

"I've learned a lot from this programme, not only about Microsoft related technologies, but I’ve also developed my sales and presentation skills beyond belief, which will come in very useful when I graduate."
Ian MacGillivray - Aston University

"It’s a great CV piece! I've been applying for industrial placements for my sandwich year, and being an MSP has really been a talking point."
Andrew Cooper - Nottingham Trent University

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  1. anubhav garg says:

    Is there direct placements for the MSP’s?

    Is a MSP is eligible to sit for the interview of any company?

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