JISC Funding for projects exploring e-learning, e-infrastructure and e-repositories

That's potentially e-good news for some. The JISC Circular that has just appeared is asking for nominations from Higher and Further Education for capital funding for e-learning projects. The deadlines look tight - a briefing day for would-be participants on 9th May, with a deadline for submission of 21st June, but it looks like there's £5.6 million to be bid for, so worth looking at!

Some details of the JISC Circular

JISC Circular 1/07 invites institutions to submit funding proposals for projects in the following areas:

*       e-learning;
*       e-infrastructure;
*       repositories and digital preservation;
*       institutional exemplars aimed at supporting existing institutional strategies.

Proposals may be submitted by HE institutions funded via HEFCE and HEFCW, and by FE institutions in England that teach HE to more than 400 FTEs. However, HE institutions in Scotland and Northern Ireland are eligible to bid for institutional exemplars. Funding is available for projects starting in September/October 2007 for up to 18 months depending on the area of work. All projects must be complete by the end of March 2009.

A briefing event will be held in Birmingham on Wednesday 9 May 2007 for those interested in bidding. Institutions will need to register to attend this free event, using the form available at: http://www.jisc.ac.uk/events/2007/05/event_capital_apr07briefing.aspx

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