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There's a lot of new things inside Exchange 2007 - things like new features in Outlook Web Access and the ability to access e-mail, voice mail, calendar, and contacts from virtually anywhere that you have a connection (telephone and computer). In Exchange Server 2007, people can access their inbox information from virtually anywhere using their desktop computer, laptop computer, a browser window from any Internet-connected computer, their mobile device, and even using a standard telephone when no Internet connectivity is available. For universities, there are lots of different potential uses - especially where you want to provide emergency access to email for staff when they are away from site, or for distributing voice messages to staff via their email (oooh, imagine the fun they can have in the admin block!)

But while it is great to hear about this stuff, I'm the kind of person that likes to see it in action. Which means that often I have to wait until someone I know has started to use it. So if you're like me, you might enjoy the new programme of Hosted Trials - and especially the new one for Exchange 2007

Just go to Exchange Server 2007 Hosted Trial and sign up for a demo account. Briefly after that you'll get an email with login credentials which allow you to "feel" the new Outlook Web Access and also "talk" to Exchange Server.

Your account will be pre-populated with sample messages, calendar appointments and contacts to help you have a rich experience. You will be able to send and receive mail, schedule meetings, and adjust your options. You can access your account via Microsoft Outlook Web Access, Outlook Voice Access , Microsoft Office Outlook, or an Exchange ActiveSync compatible application.

Log in, send mail, create calendar appointments and subsequently phone in to play around with OVA ,Saying "Main Menu" will always take you to the main OVA menu.

You can also view Frequently Asked Questions for instructions to setup access to the Exchange 2007 Trial

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