Meet UK Government open standards mandates with Microsoft Office

Last week the Open Standards Board  adopted .ICS files (RFC 5545) and vCard files (RFC 6350) as open standards for UK government. What does that mean for your office? How will you adapt to these changes? The good news is, if you’re using Microsoft Office, these new standards are already supported. Microsoft Office is the…


Free eBook: “Bringing UK government into the cloud”

Maybe you’re convinced that cloud tools are the future. Or maybe you’re not so sure. Whether you’re cloud sceptic or a cloud evangelist, it’s hard to get away from the topic these days. Trouble is, most of the information out there is written for IT pros who eat, sleep and breathe this stuff. What you…


Microsoft CityNext: Nominate the UK Digital City of the Year! Just 2 weeks to go!

This year, as part of the Microsoft CityNext initiative, Microsoft is partnering with the Municipal Journal to present the first ever UK Digital City of the Year award, honouring the city or city region best deploying a people-first initiative that transforms services, engages citizens and accelerates growth. The winner won’t be announced until this summer,…


Microsoft CityNext: “Innovation needs investment, even in challenging times”

By Derrick McCourt, head of Public Sector, Microsoft UK This year’s iNetwork Winter Conference in Manchester was filled with great stories. On the one hand, it was the start of our discussion of the Microsoft CityNext story here in the UK. But it was also filled with compelling real-life success stories from a variety of…


Taking on the cyber skills gap with Cyber Security Challenge UK

The cyber security skills gap facing the UK is so severe that it could take as long as 20 years to correct – and could cost the country as much £27 billion each year in the meantime, according to a recent National Audit Office report. UK business are keen to address that problem by supporting…


Windows 8.1 is live: Here’s why it matters for the public sector

After weeks of anticipation, Windows 8.1 rolled out around the world this week. The update offers a variety of improvements to the Windows 8 experience. But does the update really matter for users in the public sector? You bet! The list of changes in Windows 8.1 is long, but here are the 3 big changes…


3 keys to successfully embracing ‘digital by default’

There’s no hotter buzzword in all of government IT than ‘digital by default.’ By this point, everyone knows it is much more efficient for government offices to offer services to citizens online, rather than by phone, by post or in person. Moving government services online is set to save £1.7 billion annually and researchers estimate…


Windows 8 tablets help Hampshire Police save time and save the day

In the future, when a police officer heads out on patrol, their equipment checklist might look like this: Badge? Check. Handcuffs? Check. Windows tablet? Check. The Hampshire Police Constabulary traditionally took witness statements by hand. But in April it began sending officers into the field with a Windows 8 Lenovo Tablet 2. Since then, the…


How much money is outdated software costing your organisation?

It’s natural to consider costs when mulling a technology upgrade – but it’s important to look at the whole picture. Older software is harder to support, since it’s less secure (being designed for the security threats of 12 years ago) and isn’t optimized for today’s workloads. As this mini-infographic shows, over time that “bargain” piece…


Yammer kills the flipchart and whiteboard

This post is by Robin Denton, Jamie Burgess and Ian McKenzie. Take a look at this picture of flip charts, taken at the end of an intensive strategic planning and workshop session. It might look like nothing got done that day …   … but that just goes to show how deceptive appearances can be….