Microsoft and UK government continue to put the cloud first

The UK government is a global leader in promoting public sector use of cloud technology and Microsoft is proud to support this endeavour at every step of the way. The government’s cloud-first policy ensured that government departments would opt for cloud tools as a first solution and Microsoft has long been a leader in the cloud productivity space. The government created the Digital Marketplace to ease the procurement process for buying cloud services. Microsoft was an early supporter of this initiative, and was the only global cloud provider to achieve Pan-Government Accreditation to “Official” for our cloud tools.

Today, the UK government and Microsoft are both working to advance a cloud-first vision of government technology. We’re an industry leader in conforming to the government’s 14 Cloud Security Principles, and the first to meet the ISO/IEC 27018 standard. Government services such as the Parliamentary Information and Communications Technology Service, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and more use our services and we continue to listen to feedback and improve our solutions to meet the needs of government. Working with Government Digital Service and other government departments, we are committed to enhancing the capabilities of Office 365 to meet government requirements, including the UK government Open Standards policy.

While we already have great ODF support in O365, we’ve worked with GDS to understand the need to be able to create or import a document in another format and export it as ODF 1.2 and will be rolling out this new functionality to Office 365 in May. These changes ensure that Microsoft Office 365 will be compliant with the policy for sharing and collaborating on government documents and available for all public sector organisations.

Today, our UK Country Manager, Michel Van der Bel, met with the Cabinet Office Minister and Paymaster General, Francis Maude, to talk about these changes. 

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