Microsoft CityNext: Watch how the Internet of Things is transforming the London Underground

Anyone who’s ever travelled on the London Underground and struggled to find a stop on the station map has an inkling of how complex the Tube really is. Now imagine how difficult it is to monitor conditions across all those lines and all those stops and perform essential maintenance before it affects service. For most of the London Underground’s history, the task was a nightmare – but now it’s a breeze. And it’s all thanks to the Internet of Things.

Telent, CGI and Microsoft are working together to modernize the systems that monitor London Underground’s critical rail assets by harnessing data from thousands of devices and sensors. The system streamlines manual monitoring processes, securing and integrating disconnected systems, and spotting equipment issues in real-time using Microsoft Azure Intelligent Systems Services. That means faster maintenance, better service and lower costs across the system.

Learn more about the Internet of Things and how it’s transforming the London Underground:

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