Microsoft CityNext: Take a tour of the mega-trends that will drive the future of cities

Did you know that urban areas:

  • Are responsible for 80% of the world’s GDP?
  • Will house 70% of the world’s population by 2050?
  • Consume 80% of all electricity?

Cities and other urban areas will be the UK’s engines of prosperity for decades to come. But all that growth will bring new challenges with it. Local authorities need to understand the trends that are shaping urban environments today – and then find ways to transform their services, engage their citizens and accelerate economic growth in response.

The future of cities is:

  • Empowered by mobile devices.
  • Connected by social networks.
  • Hosted in the cloud.
  • Fuelled by Big Data insights.

What will those trends mean for your local government? How are local authorities across the country responding to these challenges? Where do you get started?

Microsoft CityNext now has a new UK-centric website dedicated to providing answers to those questions and more. You can take a self-guided tour of the trends, technologies and ideas that will shape the future of cities. You’ll see videos from some of the UK’s brightest minds in public sector technology. And you’ll learn how your local government can begin to transform, engage and accelerate today.

Experience Microsoft’s vision for the future of urban areas in the UK– and then come back and tell us what challenges your local government is facing today. 

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