Microsoft CityNext: Reimagining the future of business with Kent County Council

“The future is already here – it's just not evenly distributed.”  -- William Gibson, author

We know the next few years will bring great changes to the workplace. Technology is poised to change what work looks like – and how we’ll relate to our jobs. We also know that local governments across the UK will do all they can to promote and develop local businesses during this time of change.  The companies and regions that thrive in the years to come will be the ones best poised to adapt and innovate.

But what will these changes look like? What tools will drive them? How will our jobs evolve as a result?

On 24 April, Kent County Council and Microsoft will host a one-day event at the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury, looking at how businesses are adapting to this new world of work. Attendees will be treated to a day full of illuminating talks on the ways technology is changing the workplace and how these changes will create new opportunities for Kent.

Some of the major topics will include:

  • The continued evolution of digital services
  • The emergence of non-traditional work spaces
  • The increasingly important role of social tools within organisations
  • The future of employee engagement

“We want every business in Kent to realise its full potential and those who don’t keep up with the changes in digital technology do so at their peril,” said KCC Cabinet Member for Economic Development Mark Dance. “This event will highlight how the digital world has become the lifeline of any business and how every single one of us has to adapt and change to fit this hyper connected world in which we live and work. This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who has a business in Kent, big or small, to come and hear from the experts how we should all be creating, sharing and consuming content.”

Confirmed speakers at the event will include:

  • Microsoft’s Dave Coplin, author of the book “Business Reimagined,” which makes the case that the future of work must be open, empowering and results driven.
  • Eileen Brown, a social media consultant, advisor and blogger who has worked with collaborative technologies for more than 20 years.

The day is free to representatives of all Kent-based businesses and organisations – but advance booking is a must. Sign up today to secure your spot.

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