Free event: Learn to find the insights hiding in your organisations’ data

You’ve always known there were insights hiding in your organisations’ data. There are patterns in how your organisation consumes resources, how it delivers services and even how it manages employees. Those patterns were always there, but they’re easy to miss in the rush of new files your office creates each day. Getting access to those insights means changing your relationship with your organisations’ data.

Until recently, Big Data analysis tools were the domain of the IT department. These tools were tightly controlled and difficult to use. But great insights don’t just come from one little corner of the office – they can come from anywhere in an organisation. But before you can expect employees to take advantage of the data at their disposal, you need to give them tools they can actually use.

Putting business intelligence tools in the cloud changes that dynamic. Suddenly access to data is flexible, but still secure. Analysis is powerful, yet easy to perform.  And because cloud tools can scale to handle increases in demand, everyone can get involved.

Where to start? Why not come learn how organisations of all types are using the cloud to make better decisions in real time – and how your office can join them. At a free event in London on 1 May, you’ll get to hear about best practices in Big Data, business intelligence and data management in the cloud. You’ll hear innovative case studies, network with peers and get a chance to ask your toughest questions.

Speakers for the day will include:

Register today to attend this event, either online or in person, and take your first step on the road to be better business intelligence.

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