Video: Welsh option comes to Microsoft Translate, with help from the National Assembly for Wales

The National Assembly for Wales is committed to being a truly bilingual body. The Welsh assembly needs to conduct all its business in both Welsh and English to ensure that all the people of Wales can easily engage their government in either language.

That’s why the assembly worked with Microsoft to develop a Welsh option for Microsoft Translator. Users can now translate text to and from Welsh online through Bing, but also within familiar productivity tools like Microsoft Word. Translating government documents to and from Welsh has never been easier.

Of course, the tool isn’t just available to officials of the National Assembly for Wales. Any Microsoft customer can use it. The tool won’t just improve access to government services – it will also be a valuable asset to aspiring Welsh speakers around the world.

Watch the service in action and see how it’s helping the assembly function smoothly in both languages:

Want to give it a go yourself? Check on the online version of Microsoft Translator through Bing and select “Welsh” as your chosen language.


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