How did West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue increase productivity by 35% after five minutes of training?

Check your pocket. You’ve got a smartphone, right? It handles e-mail and texts and photos and instant messages -- and it just happens to also send and receive phone calls.

Now look at your desk. You’ve got a phone there, right? Does it handle instant messages?

Does it handle video chats? Does share documents? No. It’s just a phone. All it does is place calls, take up space on your desk and cost your organisation money.

We’ve seen how technology can dramatically change how we communicate in our personal lives. Isn’t it time for the workplace to catch up with a flexible solution designed specifically with collaborative work styles in mind?

All over the world, organisations are ditching their old landline phones for Microsoft Lync – a Web-based communications system that works seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook. West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue used Lync to increase worker productivity by 35% --- all on a system that’s so intuitive that employee Lync training only took five minutes.

Want to learn more? Check out the infographic below to see the rest of the Lync story:

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