Free online workshop: Lower data storage costs by as much as 80% with the power of the cloud

Government offices are in a bind. They have to manage ever-larger data sets to comply with regulations and effectively engage citizens. They also need to maintain strict security requirements and reduce IT complexity – all while finding ways to reduce costs without affecting services. Fortunately, trimming IT storage costs by moving to the cloud is one of the most effective ways for public sector organisations to save money while improving services.

A hybrid solution combines the best of both public and private clouds. You can have the low costs and flexibility of a public cloud offering, combined with on-premise control and compliance requirements.

Moving from on-premise storage to a hybrid cloud solution can reduce data centre management complexity and infrastructure sprawl. It can also improve security and make recovery after a disaster 100 times faster – all while cutting storage costs by as much as 80%. You can learn more about the ways cloud tools can save your organisation money at a free 45-minute online strategy workshop, tailored to the needs of public sector executives, on Wednesday, 20 Nov. at 2:15 p.m.

Register now and find out how your organisation could reduce its storage costs by as much as 80%.

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