Event: Learn how to keep your organisation’s IT modern with minimal fuss

With support for Windows XP set to end on April 8, it’s only natural that public sector organisations across the UK are in a hurry to move to a modern operating system. But moving from an old platform to a new one doesn’t have to a massive, deadline-driven undertaking. What if there was a better way to keep your organisation up to date?

Microsoft is reaching out to public sector organisations with a new initiative – Get modern, Stay modern – that aims to help customers manage the upgrade process. Imagine because able to upgrade different elements as needed, rather than always rolling out changes across your organisation. By changing the way organisations approach upgrades, the process can be made quicker, easier, less expensive and less disruptive.

Want to learn more? Attend a public sector briefing on moving on from Windows XP to a modern operating system on Monday, 9 Dec. at Microsoft Customer Centre in London.  You’ll learn more about making it easier to keep your organisation’s software current – and hear from Suffolk County Council CIO Steve Day, who will be speaking about his experience upgrading from Windows XP. You’ll also have a chance to get answers to your upgrade questions and enjoy a networking opportunity with your colleagues. Send us a registration e-mail today to secure your spot.

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