Windows 8 tablets help Hampshire Police save time and save the day

In the future, when a police officer heads out on patrol, their equipment checklist might look like this:

  • Badge? Check.
  • Handcuffs? Check.
  • Windows tablet? Check.

The Hampshire Police Constabulary traditionally took witness statements by hand. But in April it began sending officers into the field with a Windows 8 Lenovo Tablet 2. Since then, the constabulary has saved the equivalent of 40 work days, just be using the devices to take statements.

Of course, the devices can do so much more, from taking photos of a crime scene to pulling up critical information on the go. And because the devices run Windows 8, they can boot quickly, but keep a user's data secure thanks to BitLocker.

“The old paper base[d] system, wastes a lot of police time… If you have a decent digital system, all of that would be a completely seamless now, it’s going to take a few year to get that, but that’s the direction” said Damian Green MP – Policing and Justice Minister.

Watch this BBC video to learn more about how police officers are using Windows 8 tablet devices.

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