Microsoft announces free Office 365 access for U.K. non-profits

Qualifying U.K. non-profits of all sizes can now get free or reduced-cost access to a full suite of Microsoft Office 365 productivity tools, as part of Microsoft's software donation program. Non-profit organisations can even sign up for a free trial to help them get started during the application process. The program is currently available in the U.K. and 40 other countries around the world -- and the program is expected to increase to 90 countries by the end of June.  It's easy to learn more and find out if your organisation is eligible.

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Comments (4)

  1. Paul @ ThreeLeaves says:

    Our charity currently have a small business package with office 365 how can we move over to office 365 for non profits?

  2. Hi Paul,

    To qualify for charity pricing, the org has to meet selected criteria – here’s the detailed eligibility guidelines for the UK.…/Downloader.aspx  

    You can also visit our main UK landing page for charities — — for more resources and support.


  3. Aidan Walsh says:

    I am now in the process of trying in vain to raise funds for research into Ehlers Danlos Syndrome I am not yet registered for non profit but would like to be considered

    for Microsoft 365 software donation program I have Ehlers Danlos I am presently severely ill I just set up 2 sites to try get things off the ground one is here now other is here I will not stop I am requesting £1 million pounds each site but will go higher

    until I find Cure(s) I would also later ask Microsoft to help with future sites across the web thanks so very much Sincerely Aidan Walsh sick with EDS complications in the

    U.K. blesses to all of you there thank u 🙂

  4. Aidan Walsh says:

    forgot to add my contact email just posted comment prior today thanks

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