The Commissioning Council – the future of local government?

Here’s a good talking point for all our local government readers out there – what if your local council stripped away its service delivery capability, leaving just a core commissioning body? Instead all its usual council services are contracted out via an arms-length organisation that can use their own resources, private sector companies and social enterprises to provide services.  Unthinkable? Well not anymore because Selby District Council has done just that.
Under increasing financial pressure, Selby District Council have had to dramatically re-think their structure. After waving goodbye to their services delivery capability, the council are now left with a core staff of 14 people and have been stripped of their role as a provider. Meanwhile the services arm still exist in the same building as the council but as a private body called Access Selby. Councillors decide – Access Selby provides.
Are Selby on to a good thing? Does this throw in to question the role of local government and public service? It’s certainly a juicy talking point.
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