Smarter Government – Free Executive Briefing on managing ‘Big Data’ with Microsoft and HP

According to a recent study by McKinsey on Big Data, “the use of big data can enable improved health outcomes and higher-quality civic engagement with government”.  The study asserts that big data levers, such as increasing transparency and applying advanced analytics, offer the public sector a powerful arsenal of strategies and techniques for boosting productivity and achieving higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness and could potentially reduce the costs of  administrative activities by 15 to 20 percent.

Ultimately, more effective use of technology is a critical enabler to unlocking the value of Big Data within your organisation. Which is why I thought it well worth bringing to your attention a joint Microsoft and HP customer briefing on Simplifying and reducing the costs of deploying and managing Enterprise Data that we are running in London on Monday October 3rd.

In our roundtable event, you will hear from Microsoft and HP leaders and The Co-operative Group on how you can reduce the deployment and management costs of large-scale data platforms with Microsoft's SQL Server database. In addition to the core capabilities of the database platform, we will also explore the range of AppSystems data management appliances developed jointly with HP.

The Co-operative Group’s story of how and why they migrated their customer loyalty data to SQL Server for 7 million members as the preferred platform for managing their Big Data challenges will be well worth you investing half-day with us.

You can find out more and register to attend the Simplifying and reducing the costs of deploying and managing Enterprise Data customer briefing on Monday October 3rd in London here.

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