Operational Efficiency – Free Webinar on Microsoft System Center 2012 – September 15

In the real world, you need to manage hundreds of applications, multiple operating systems, many classes of service. And now you are being asked to manage cloud solutions, too.

Microsoft and The Register are teaming up with data centre expert Gordon McKenna at Inframon to bring you four ways in which you can manage the data centre on your terms. You don't need to be a slave to your users. You don't need to be driven to the edge of insanity by multiple and possibly conflicting user demands. And you don't need to spend every weekend between now and early retirement kludging tools together.

Our webinar - The data centre on your terms – takes place on September 15th (starting at 11:00AM) and will deal with four important ICT operational efficiency challenges:

1. How do you manage your applications?
2. How do you manage cross-platform environments from the metal up?
3. How do you assure application performance?
4. How do you accommodate internal and external cloud services?

Gordon's promising demos from the bleeding edge of Microsoft System Center 2012, because he doesn't think he should tell you what to do unless he shows you how to do it.

You can register for the event right here, for free.

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