Cloud Computing – Free White Paper: Microsoft and VMware – Functionality, Benefits and Economics Comparison

As more and more customers evaluate cloud computing investments to improve the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of ICT in the public sector, I thought you would be interested in obtaining a copy of a free private cloud white paper and analysis which shows that a VMware private cloud solution can cost from four to nearly ten times more than a comparable Microsoft private cloud solution over a period of one to three years:

Private Cloud Cost Comparison- Microsoft & VMware

In the whitepaper, we compare private cloud solutions from Microsoft and VMware. We do this by defining private cloud using industry standard concepts, explain the Microsoft products needed to create a Microsoft private cloud solution and then define the technology benefits a Microsoft private cloud solution provides. We also examine how the licensing models differ between Microsoft and VMware and, in particular, how those licensing models will impact the ROI of investments you are making today and long into the future.

You can download your personal copy of the white paper here

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  1. 5media says:

    This has all left us with a picture about as clear as a Monet hacked to pieces by a chainsaw doused in multi-coloured paints. All this confusion surrounding the Government’s cloud work hints at problems in Whitehall. It would suggest there have been disputes about the best way forward. Why else would there be delays to this mysterious strategy document? read more about uk government cloud adoption…/salesforce-uk-government-%E2%80%9Cway-behind%E2%80%9D-than-others-in-cloud-computing.htm

  2. ukgovernment says:

    Dear 5media – can you verify your link to support your observation please as the link you have included in your comment is not functioning


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