Operational Efficiency – Councils Save £2.6 Million over Four Years with New Customer Contact Platform

Chorley Council in north-west England is one of three local authorities that have embarked on a radical project to transform service delivery to residents and businesses. Chorley is replacing its existing customer services management software with the Asidua Customer Contact Platform (CCP), which is built on the Microsoft Connected Government Framework using Dynamics CRM.

The three councils collaborating on this initiative are on target to save over £2.6m over four years by automating business processes and increasing staff productivity.  The key to this is the integration of front-office activity with the back-office software.

For example, the CCP has eliminated the need for a separate back-office system for waste and street-care services, delivering improved capabilities to the council back-office teams and third-party waste-management service providers such as Veolia.

Another immediate benefit of the Asidua Customer Contact Platform is a 20% reduction in calls to the contact centre as customer service agents are able to keep customers proactively informed  about the progress of service requests using text and email updates.

You can read the full story on Chorley’s Council shared service solution with two other councils for customer relationship management (CRM) here.

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