Digital Inclusion – Microsoft supports Race Online 2012 drive to get 9 million UK citizens online

The Race Online 2012 campaign has been established to provide all UK citizens with the opportunity to experience and use the internet, safely, to improve their digital skills, communicate online and take advantage of the many financial savings that are only available online. In partnership with Race Online 2012, the Microsoft Get Online @ Home initiative is providing affordable reconditioned PCs and broadband connectivity at a low entry-level price.

There are nine million adults in the UK, across the age and socio-economic spectrum, who have yet to take advantage of all the benefits that the internet offers. Microsoft is supporting the campaign very pragmatically by working with our authorised refurbisher partners and a  selection of broadband providers to offer fully-functioning, internet-ready, Windows 7 PCs from under £100 via our portal:

The initiative is supported by 100,000 digital champions (volunteers) from a wide variety of organisations including Mecca Bingo, Post Offices, Local Libraries and Scouts who will provide help and assistance to encourage newcomers to PCs and the Internet to get online, gain confidence and be aware of how to protect their information and identity online. The Government digital champion Martha Lane Fox hopes they will "engage people with the joys of being on the internet".

Often the last remaining hurdle - once people have had some face-to-face support from the Digital Champions – is access to a PC at home. Indeed, research by the BBC confirmed that the cost of a PC at home is the last significant barrier to getting people online. Going Digital should be an inclusive revolution which is the aim of the Microsoft Get Online @ Home initiative.

Donations wanted

As well as publicising this initiative to your citizens, we also need your organisation’s support to contribute to a regular flow of PCs for refurbishment.  If your organisation has any number of suitable PCs (see system specification at then please do contact us via the ‘Donate Now’ button on the website.

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