Smarter Government – Corporate Social Networking with SharePoint

The rapidly evolving trend towards the  ‘consumerisation of IT’ means that there is an increasing blurring of the boundaries between personal and corporate computing both at the device and the application level. The explosion of social media is a clear example of applications such as Facebook and Twitter that started out initially as personal communication tools and have rapidly crossed the boundary to being used in the corporate environment.

However, corporate and personal use of social media work better as discrete worlds of communication which explains why many organisations are keen to implement social media capabilities for their employees and partners separate from the tools they use for personal communication.  SharePoint provides social media capabilities out of the box and it is a delight to see how our partners can enhance the core functionality and fully integrate the SharePoint capabilities with Lync and Office to offer an advanced corporate social media experience on premise and in the cloud – such as Spenta’s work on Beezy:

 Beezy integrates advanced social media capabilities with communication tools such as Outlook and Lync together with your favourite Office applications and fully adheres to your IT governance policies. 

You can watch a demo of Beezy here

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