Cloud Computing – Local Authorities process citizens’ forms 80 percent faster with cloud solution

Microsoft partner IEG4 have been working with a number of public sector organisations in the UK to reduce cost and improve response times using cloud solutions based on Windows Azure. An in-depth case study that can be found here.

Highlights include

  • Trafford Council reduced the time it takes to process a housing benefits claim from 24 days to 5 days - an 80 percent reduction, with fewer resources.
  • Torbay Council saved approximately £17,000 annually simply because it no longer has to print paper forms.
  • IEG4 – Windows Azure-based customers can help citizens that don’t have Internet access: council staff members visit the individuals’ residences and gather data in-person. Staff members use laptop or tablet PCs that contain a local version of the form and an encrypted database. Once connected to the network, data is sent to Windows Azure for processing – this can also be done via the council’s contact centre.
  • Customers can confidently calculate a measurable Return On Investment (ROI) - by using Windows Azure, councils achieve an ROI from online forms in less than 12 months.


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