Cloud Computing in Government – Happening Now in Norway, Spain and UK

Cloud computing offers a number of ways for public sector organisations to reduce costs, improve efficiency and communicate better.  Citizens want more involvement in  how public information is used and the cloud can give them that. The innovative use of cloud computing to connect providers of public services and citizens more effectively is already happening in many countries as you can read for yourself in this free publication:

The current issue of Touch includes a feature on the practical applications of cloud computing in Government, including customer solutions from:

  • Norway: the e-government portal, Altinn, handles the majority of online tax and VAT returns and is expected to save the government €1.5billion 
  • Spain: 200 local government organisations are using cloud  computing to provide 1.2 million citizens with online access to government services
  • UK: lovecleanstreets ‘crowdsourcing’ application enables citizens to collaborate in the care of their local environment

These examples demonstrate that now is a period of great opportunity for public sector organisations to create dramatic efficiencies and build application and information stores for e-government empowered by the cloud.

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