Smarter Government – Windows Phone 7 Use in Government

CESG, the UK Government's National Technical Authority for Information Assurance, has issued guidance on the use of Windows Phone 7 smartphone for use within UK Government. The CESG guidance provides clarification for public sector customers wishing to use Windows Phone 7 for remote and mobile working.

Microsoft welcomes this risk management guidance as it allows smartphone users in Government to work remotely and efficiently whilst appropriately managing their risks. We fully support this guidance, which fits in with the Government’s new ICT strategy that has a clear focus on delivering best value for money and in which ICT is viewed as an enabler of better citizen service. With this advice, Government is provided with the mechanics that will allow them to adopt technology early, while making sure it meets its risk management strategy.

The UK Government and public sector is a very important customer for Microsoft and we believe that we offer tremendous value by providing software that is familiar, intuitive, interoperates with other technologies and is supported by a vast number of professionals, partners and software developers and we are delighted that Windows Phone 7 can now be deployed by local authorities and other public sector organisations for low-risk remote and mobile working requirements.

For UK Government Customers who wish more information this can be obtained from your CESG Customer Account Manager.

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