UKGovcamp 2011 – Highlights Briefing on March 17th

On Saturday January 22nd, Microsoft had the pleasure of hosting the fourth UKGovcamp community conference with 300 participants from across government attending on the day or participating online.  Following on from this event, Microsoft, with the support of Dave Briggs and Steph Gray from UKGovcamp, is hosting the UKGovcamp 2011 – Highlights Briefing and What Next? on Thursday March 17th at our Customer Centre in Victoria, London from 17:00-20:00.

The focus of UKGovcamp is to consider how digital is changing the way government works in the UK, contributing to key agenda topics such as localism, open data, transparency, location-based and mobile applications.

Started in 2008, UKGovcamp and regionally-based Teacamps, are becoming increasingly influential in shaping how Government can innovate in delivering public services with technology.  Now you have the opportunity not only to get fully involved in the discussion and debate and help to determine ‘what next’ on some of the hot topics discussed at UKGovcamp 2011.  We are limiting attendance to a maximum of 50 people from across the Public Sector so that there is ample opportunity for participants to share their viewpoints and perspectives on a variety of the key topics for Government arising from UKGovcamp 2011:

UKGovcamp 2011 – Highlights Briefing and What Next?

Programme for the Evening (Thursday March 17th)

17.00 Registration, partner demos & refreshments

17.30 Welcome, Introductions and Purpose of the Briefing

17.45 UK GovCamp2011 – Highlights and Hot Topics:  

- localism: the power shift to local & hyperlocal communities UKGovcamp

- transparency: open data and helping citizens access data

- edemocracy: consultation and how to do it better

- geo-location: location-based and mobile applications

- project management: using technology to improve agility

- low cost tools: for example, WordPress in Government

- sandbox/skunkworks: low cost, innovative development

(NOTE: This is not an exhaustive list and we expect you to contribute your thoughts throughout)

19.00 Discussion, debate and determination of next steps – what can you do to help?

19.30 Informal networking and further discussion (over refreshments)

We will also have a selection of technology partner organisations that helped enrich the UKGovcamp 2011 conference so that you too can experience practical demonstrations on some of the innovative uses of technology and social media to help improve the delivery of public services.

if you are interested in attending this UKGovcamp 2011 Highlights Briefing please email and we shall provide you with more information and details of how to register to attend.

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