Saving Money – Microsoft Licensing for the Public Sector (PSA09)

It is a little remiss of me that I posted an entry in this blog back in October on the new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Microsoft UK and the Cabinet Office, promising to provide you with more information in a few weeks.   So, here is that additional information a little later than I originally intended to post it here.

The Microsoft and Buying Solutions Public Sector Agreement (PSA09) has, since May 2009, allowed the whole of the UK Public Sector to be treated as a single entity in terms of pricing equality and licensing transferability; and introduces leading levels of flexibility and licensing innovation.

In November 2010, Microsoft agreed changes to PSA09 to incorporate provisions agreed with the Cabinet Office and has improved key aspects of our Public Sector Agreement including:

  1. Schedule 1 Enterprise Agreement Subscription discounts: Whilst these discounts were available for a limited time in 2009, they have been re-introduced for the remaining duration of PSA09. This offer provides Government with the most cost effective way of purchasing Microsoft software, provides the ability to revise the number of licences to suit the needs of the organisation and enables organisations to more easily transition to the cloud. 
  2. Introduction of a new set of simplified Public Sector Packages for Subscription: The new packages are simpler in design, but retain flexibility and choice to suit various user roles within an organisation. Rich client and thin client packages are available and three productivity packages are available depending on the user role.

The Public Sector Agreement (PSA09) aims to support the public sector’s need to maximise the use of its investment in ICT to increase productivity, improve the efficiency of public service delivery and lower overall costs by delivering:

  • Value for Money: Competitive pricing and packaging of Microsoft software
  • Matching Business Needs: Choice and flexibility to provide software for different users. Pay for what is needed, and choose software for different kinds of needs rather than just by product
  • Maximise Existing Investments: Transferability, re-use, and flexibility of licences helping Government save money when departments merge or reorganise
  • Public Sector Reform and Innovation: Supporting delivery of the UK Government agenda, through supporting more effective use of ICT for collaboration and information sharing

For more information on how your organisation can benefit from PSA09 please email  and we shall be in touch.

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