Cloud Computing – The Register Webcast on Optimised Datacentre and the Private Cloud

The Register is hosting a webcast on Tuesday December 7th at 11:00AM on the topic of the Optimised Datacentre and the Private Cloud with experts from Freeform Dynamics and Microsoft. Virtualisation is now a central pillar of datacentre plans and activities, with many business and public sector organisations deploying virtualisation in order to consolidate all or part of…


Cloud Computing – Coca Cola’s Uses of SharePoint Online for Worldwide Workforce Collaboration

Coca Cola may not immediately strike you as an obvious reference for how to use ICT innovatively to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public services.  I thought it a solution story that is worth bringing to your attention here when viewing the story of how Coca Cola has deployed SharePoint Online in a cloud…


Cloud Computing – Economics of the Cloud for the Public Sector (FREE White Paper)

Computing is undergoing a seismic shift from client/server-based systems to the cloud, a shift similar in importance and impact to the transition from the mainframe to client/server. At the same time, global economic conditions and public sector fiscal constraints require more cost-efficient use of resources, even as demands to better serve citizens continue to grow….


Cloud Computing – Affordable innovation in IT Services for the Public Sector (Free Seminar)

The Comprehensive Spending Review has set unprecedented challenges in meeting service delivery obligations on tighter budgets. Microsoft Cloud Services represents a credible means to rebalance IT spend, delivering affordable innovation that makes the most of existing investments, whilst taking full advantage of the new world of work. Microsoft is hosting a cloud computing seminar for…


Saving money by saving power – how Microsoft IT rolled out desktop power management

You may be interested to read how we’ve rolled out power saving settings within Microsoft (and if you think your colleagues are hard to please with technology, imagine what it’s like providing IT services for 100,000+ IT geeks). Our IT team at Microsoft have recently implemented a worldwide power management strategy across 165,000 desktop and…


Cloud Computing – Work Smarter with Office Communications Online (Live Meeting)

Office Communications Online is a core offering of Microsoft Online services, providing presence, instant messaging and person-to-person (1:1) audio and video.  Online services help simplify IT management by removing the need to deploy, configure, monitor and update/upgrade on-premise communications and collaboration solutions.  It is an innovative cloud-based solution that can help to improve productivity and lower…


Need some support for deploying Windows 7?

Although I’m afraid I can’t offer to send you a top-techie from Microsoft to help you with rolling out Windows 7 in your organisation, I can offer a good second best, thanks to the TechNet team. They got together with some of the product and support gurus on Windows 7, and created a big batch…


Your complete guide to virtualisation – as a free download

Let me make it absolutely clear – I am not a virtualisation expert. But I have heard enough IT managers talking about their virtualisation projects to know that it’s very important to their ICT infrastructure – whether that’s reducing cost, cutting carbon emissions, managing their workload, or improving their network reliability and service levels. But…


Operational Efficiency – Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Skills for Database Specialists

ICT vendors can, occasionally, adopt the unrealistic perspective that customers operate in a homogeneous world where all systems and solutions fully integrate and the flow of information is seamless.  However, the reality is invariably somewhat different as organisations grapple with the real world of heterogeneous systems where managing information between different systems is a significant operational challenge. …