Cloud Computing – Live Meeting for the Public Sector on Friday October 1st

This is to remind you that we are re-starting our regular series of Microsoft Live Meetings for the Public Sector starting on Friday October 1st with the topic of Cloud computing.

You can read about and register to participate in all of the Live Meetings in our October series here

The Live Meeting on Cloud computing will explore:

  • Where does Cloud fit in transforming your organisation to address the new economic and workforce realities?
  • How can Cloud help to reduce costs, focus on the customer experience, and ensure organisations are agile and responsive to the changing public sector demands?

Cloud computing has the potential to be a game-changer in empowering employees, liberating information and transforming organisations. Our Live Meeting on Cloud Computing for the Public Sector on Friday October 1, 11:00-12:00 will help you translate all the talk about Cloud into a strategy and provide an overview of the Microsoft cloud technologies that makes sense for your organisation.

Our Live Meeting includes practical demonstrations and relevant examples from the Public Sector such as the RNLI and the European Environment Agency where Microsoft Cloud solutions are already being used innovatively to provide the ability to scale applications to support thousands of users quickly and cost-effectively with no requirement for the customer to invest in additional infrastructure.    

Microsoft is an innovator in Cloud - both in our business and for your business.  Our experience for over 15 years, with consumer solutions such as Hotmail and LiveID, can help you define what the cloud means to you and where you should start. It might simply be email in the cloud, or it might be comprehensive communication and collaboration in the cloud. Whatever it is, our Live Meeting is a great opportunity to hear from Microsoft experts and help you to define and communicate your cloud strategy and journey for your organisation, your employees and your customers.

You can register for our Live Meeting on Cloud Computing here

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