Independent Study on Total Economic Impact of Office 2010

Following on from my earlier blog posting announcing Microsoft Office 2010, I thought you would be interested in this commissioned research conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Microsoft on the Total Economic Impact of Office 2010.  It contains very impressive figures on the potential savings that organisations can achieve in the overall cost of their desktop productivity solutions by deploying Microsoft Office 2010.

  • Organisations achieved a three year net present value (NPV) of over $7M as a result of deploying Microsoft Office 2010
  • OneNote productivity benefits of $1M (over three years) for 40 discrete project teams
  • Elimination of third-party photo/video editing tools at a cost saving of $34K
  • Productivity gains associated with “can’t live without it” features of Office 2010 of $7M

These figures are based on a hypothetical commercial sector organisation with 7000 workers globally including 5000 knowledge workers who collaborate and share information extensively.

In future postings I shall highlight examples of UK organisations that are implementing Microsoft Office 2010 so that you can learn from their experience when it comes to planning your organisation’s migration to Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010.

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